Doug Coates
Michael Diaz
Roger Passal
James Chandler



MICP Capital

MICP Capital is a privately held Californian Corporation founded as an advisory group with specialized expertise in the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain sectors.

MICP Capital sector specialization includes:

  • Marine shipping
  • International and domestic supply chain management
  • Intermodal services
  • Rail and truck transportation and distribution
  • Materials management
  • Technology, asset and non-asset based integrated logistics

Our team has developed an understanding of these industries through years of first-hand management and consulting experience in North America and internationally. We focus on quality consulting and research in transportation, logistics and supply chain management. Over the past three decades we have served all segments of the transportation function in a variety of projects that have spanned transportation, distribution and logistics environments. This provides us with an invaluable blend of perspectives that ensures our thorough understanding of the marketplace and available solutions.

MICP Capital will identify sector investment and advisory opportunities and add value to enterprises operating international and North American supply chains and/or transportation/logistics operations. MICP Capital focuses on three areas:

  • Advisory: To provide strategic, acquisition identification and assessment, or divestiture advice and services in areas of our sector specialization. This service is accomplished through our experience and relationships in this industry. Our focus is adding value to these transactions with our industry expertise through strong capabilities in technology, operations and market knowledge.


  • Investment: To support transactions operations by identifying potential value in existing transportation and logistics operations or divisions. This work would not only include the transaction, but also would focus on restructure, valuations, potential turnarounds and improved buyer access. The focus is to improve the options for our clients.


  • Consulting: Where appropriate, strategic and operational advice is provided to clients with operations, assets or investments in the transportation and logistics fields. These activities includes consulting, valuations, recruiting, operations turnaround/improvement and management advisory.

The Team
MICP Capital was founded by three industry professionals, Doug Coates, Roger Passal, and Michael Diaz. Each of the principals has over 30 years experience within the transportation and logistics sector. Our experience ranges from operating many of the different companies that comprise this diverse sector to support for the stakeholders of these companies. This work includes supply chain analysis for shippers and consignees and third party logistics suppliers, operating management support and strategic decision making.